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I'm Kimmi. Reppin 5 feet. 20. Indiana. I believe you should forgive but never forget. The following are my thoughts, feelings, experiences and stories.

Jul 29 2014
Jul 27 2014
Jul 26 2014

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Jul 25 2014

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Jul 24 2014


Living a life I don’t want. I quit my job to enjoy the summer. And here are some things I learned.

1. I don’t want someone telling me when to eat, when to piss and when I can leave

2. I don’t want to waste 4 years of my life putting myself in debt all the while for some piece of paper that says I’m good enough

3. I want to give my parents the ability to enjoy watching their child grow up. They weren’t always there when my sister and I were growing up, because they were always working.

These three things have given me clear direction in where I want to take my life. I have big dreams and until now they didn’t seem like reality because people were telling me I couldn’t do shit without a college education or a min wage job.

I’m done letting people set limits to what I can do. Because I know what I’m capable of. And in the end that’s who’s gonna be there for me. ME.

I’m moving onto bigger & better things. I will accomplish all my goals and so much more. Watch me.

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